The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression is the main institution dealing with the matters of Veterans of struggles for independence and Victims of Oppression in Poland. The Office's functions and resposibilities have been defined in legal acts establishing the special status of beneficiaries of the Veterans' law. It's main tasks consist of:

  • awarding the status of Veteran struggles for independence, Victim of Oppression and person deported to perform forced labor
  • providing the Veterans and Victims of Oppression with help, special care and proper respect
  • spreading the tradition of struggles for independence of Poland

Practical information

What are the privileges of people deported to perform forced labor?

Polish citizens who were deported to perform forced labor during World War II and who now reside in Poland may enjoy the entitlement provided for in the Act of May 31st, 1996 on pecuniary allowance due to persons deported to perform forced labor and to inmates of forced labor camps in the Third Reich and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

Eligible to receive the benefit are persons who:

  • were confined to forced labor camps in 1939-1945 for political, ethnic, racial and religious reasons,
  • were deported from Poland to the Third Reich or USSR and performed forced labor there for al least 6 months.
The beneficiaries of the Act are entitled to a monthly pecuniary allowance in the amount depending on the length of confinement to the camp or of the deportation. Currently, the maximum amount of the allowance is PLN 206.76 (about € 50).