The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression is the main institution dealing with the matters of Veterans of struggles for independence and Victims of Oppression in Poland. The Office's functions and resposibilities have been defined in legal acts establishing the special status of beneficiaries of the Veterans' law. It's main tasks consist of:

  • awarding the status of Veteran struggles for independence, Victim of Oppression and person deported to perform forced labor
  • providing the Veterans and Victims of Oppression with help, special care and proper respect
  • spreading the tradition of struggles for independence of Poland

Practical information

What are the privileges of Polish Veterans living abroad?

The veterans' rights are granted to Polish citizens or persons who were Polish citizens when participating in the struggles for independence or suffering from oppression. In the case of surviving spouses who reside abroad, the rights are granted to recipients of the Polish old-age or disability pension or an equivalent benefit awarded in an EU member state.