The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression is the main institution dealing with the matters of Veterans of struggles for independence and Victims of Oppression in Poland. The Office's functions and resposibilities have been defined in legal acts establishing the special status of beneficiaries of the Veterans' law. It's main tasks consist of:

  • awarding the status of Veteran struggles for independence, Victim of Oppression and person deported to perform forced labor
  • providing the Veterans and Victims of Oppression with help, special care and proper respect
  • spreading the tradition of struggles for independence of Poland

About the Office

The "Kombatant" Newsletter

The publication is more than just the Office's newsletter: what is particularly important to and much appreciated by the Veterans' circles is also the Newsletter's integration value. Covering the activity of Veterans's associations, the Newsletter gives a broader social dimension to that activity. Also important is the publication of accounts and contributions dealing with the military operations and resistance movement during and after World War II. They are becoming a significant and generally accessible source of modern history, many a time saved at the very last moment for the future generations. The Newsletter's topics, scope of information and methods of presentation are diversified enough to be of interest to various recipient groups - Veterans as well as young people.

Yet another important topic discussed in the Newsletter "Kombatant" are the veterans' welfare an health matters, which are of particular importance in view of the age and financial situation of the group concerned. The Office publishes texts dealing with legislative changes, commentaries and discussions on provisions of the Veterans's law, and information about access to health services for the group concerned.

The Newsletter also provides information about the Office's current work, its numerous activities to the benefit of the Veterans' circles, legislative drafts, initiatives of promotion of higher military ranks, decorations and grants.

As an instrument of the Office's information and education policy, the Newsletter is distributed free of charge to domestic and international Veterans' organizations and to memorial schools of outstanding heroes of the struggles for Poland's independence.




The newest issue is available for subscribers, previous issues can be obtained from the online archive and, free of charge, in the Newsletter office:

Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression
2/4 Wspólna Street
00-926 Warsaw
Room 3068